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Blue World City Introduction

The best-rated housing society in Islamabad is Blue World City. BGC is building it in collaboration with the renowned Shan Jian Municipal Company, and it is situated directly near to the Chakri Interchange and the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is now among the region's most reasonably priced home complexes and is quite well-liked by investors. This is a great choice to invest in a residential project with a high rate of return. Online services including the Blue World City Verification, Certificate of Registration Online, Online Installments, and Application Status are also offered by Blue World City.

Owner and Developer

BWC is owned by the Blue Group of Companies. In order to ensure and carry out the promise of top-notch development, 4 Season Real Estate is happy to announce that the Blue Group of Companies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the well-known Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal. Blue World City and its development partner have established a close marketing relationship.

Company Infrastructure

BG of Companies is the owner of the following enterprises, which are very diversified:

Previous Property Projects

PIA Society, Centre Park Lahore, Blue Mart, Blue Town Sapphire, and Blue Technologies are just a few of the enterprises and housing developments that BGC Group has previously constructed. The most recent innovative residential development by BGC is called Blue World City Society Islamabad.


In accordance with the letter's number. Blue World City Islamabad was granted planning clearance by the (RDA). Dated: 19-02-2019 The group first received initial authorization to plan for 427 Kanal of land. That was eventually canceled. Currently, NOC is still not RDA-approved.
After some time, a different application was made, and a request for NOC status from the RDA of the society was added to the list of societies that were still being processed. The status alternates between being listed as unlawful and being under processing. But given its growth and development, there is a likelihood that BWC will quickly become legal.

Following is the newly proposed possession areas:

Blue World City Land

Where is Blue World City Located?

The major Chakri Road, which has direct access from the M-2 Motorway, runs close to the Chakri Interchange where Blue World City Islamabad is located. In addition, it is among the housing developments close to the new International Airport in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and other nearby cities. Investors and real estate agents strongly recommend this lovely community. It offers an elegant lifestyle to live away from the bustle of the metropolis.
Blue World City to Islamabad distance and Blue World City to Rawalpindi distance is so close that you could reach either of the city in just a few minutes.


The following routes go to Blue World City:

Nearby Places

Master Plan:

With the help of experts from across the world and local experts, Blue World City's master plan was carefully created utilizing the most new-age urban town planning criteria.

Roads Size of Blue World City

Its vast network of carpeted roadways linking all facets of life would be one of its fascinating attractions. The streets of this Society will be 40 feet wide, and the main boulevard will be 110-120 feet long.

Virtual Tour of BWC

Blue World City Project Details

The project information given with each feature is as follows:

Blue World City Awami Block Payment Plan:

It is the best time to buy plot in Awami Block. It is because the block is in its early stages of development and the properties are reasonably priced. For the convenience of its investors, the block is offering a 3.5 year easy installment plan with 36 monthly installments..
Blue World City Awami Block Payment Plan 2023

Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Plan:

It is the ideal time to buy the Waterfront Block. It is because the block is in its early stages of development and the properties are reasonably priced. For the convenience of its investors, the block is offering a 4-year easy installment plan with 40 monthly installments. Bookings begin with a 10% down and a 5% confirmation fee.
Water Front Blue world City

BWC General Block Phase 2 Payment Plan

In consideration of the financial situation of potential buyers, the management and owner have decided on the pricing and payment schedules for the available plots.
General Block Blue World City plot for sale

Sports Valley Block Updated Payment Plan 2023

Sports Valley Block is a new residential block launching in Blue World City Islamabad. Pakistan has seen a lot of development in the past few years, and one of the most prominent developments is the Sports Valley Block in Blue World City Islamabad.
Additionally, this block will cover an area of approximately 4000 Kanal. The Payment Plan for Blue World City Sports Valley Block is attached below.
Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City Farms

It could be challenging to live a busy and typical life. One frequently dreams of leaving the busy city behind and going to a peaceful & calm place where one may live in comfort. To meet the requirements they have, these Farms are a good choice.

Location of Farmhouses

The Farmhouse is located just right in the most peaceful part of the town, close to a lovely stream and surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the nearby area. Away from the city, the quiet and comforting atmosphere of society is the ideal setting for a life filled with peace and comfort.

Why Would You make an Investment in Blue World City Islamabad?

People all around Pakistan will have a fresh perspective on what it's like to live securely while maintaining a home for their family with lavish luxury items.
If you're still on the edge about booking a plot, allow us to give you an explanation of the main aspects that will affect your decision.

1. Blue World City Plot Rates:

Most housing societies in the area like Gulberg Green offer a very suitable 3-4 years payment plan for a wide range of plots to make it feasible for its investors from all kinds of society, resulting in the perfect as well as a suitable place to make investments the money you've saved in.

2. Affordable Payment Plans:

Most housing societies in the area like Gulberg Green offer a very suitable 3-4 years payment plan for a wide range of plots to make it feasible for its investors from all kinds of society, resulting in the perfect as well as a suitable place to make investments the money you've saved in.

3. Peaceful & Calm Environment:

Society will provide you with the opportunity to live carefree and more closely in tune with nature. a peaceful society apart from the busy metropolis, surrounded by a beautiful landscape.
It will offer a pollution-free, healthy, and peaceful atmosphere where you may grow your family. Although it is not located in a housing society like those in the IV area of Park View City, the natural atmosphere and features are unquestionably on a level with those of similar developments.

4. Modern Features:

This society will be furnished with all necessary and up-to-date dwelling amenities. The society offers its inhabitants premium recreational clubs, parks, movie theatres, retail centers, and other conveniences in addition to basic services like gas, clean water, and electricity. You may ensure an up-to-date, lavish, and peaceful existence by making investments in this society.

5. Infinite Opportunities:

You are probably sure that there is countless business potential in this society, which makes it a unique housing project. There will be many jobs in society due to the numerous commercial roads, high-rise retail centers, and entertainment places.

6. Maximum Return on your Investments:

Currently, society's prices are low, and it is still in its pre-launching phase, making this an excellent time to make investments in society. The rates will probably rise after the official implementation and more development, providing investors with a healthy return on investment.

Blue World City Pros and Cons:

Documentation Required for booking:

Visit the 4 Season Real Estate Office right away to reserve your plot in Blue World City Islamabad with the required documentation:

Plots Possession in Blue World City:

Initially, the information was shared by the management of BWC that the ballot will be carried out in January 2020. The ballot for General Block has already been accomplished.
The ownership of the plots was planned to be announced in December 2021. For the voting of the plots, e-balloting is decided to be used to make the process transparent. Those investors, who have already submitted the 90% payment will be able to take part in the balloting.
However, there is a piece of good news you could still become part of balloting by paying a 50% upfront price.

FAQs of Blue World City

Q1. Who is the owner and developer of this Society?

Blue World City is a project of Saad Nazir's Group of Companies. This megaproject is being developed by the Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal.

Q2. Why BWC is called Blue World City Islamabad?

It is under the control of RDA, some people still refer to it as Blue World City Islamabad since it is located in the border area between twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Q 3. Is BWC an approved housing society?

Blue World City is certain of having a legitimate housing society because the RDA has accepted the layout planning permit of the society and the society has applied to renew its NOC for the extension area.

Q4. When will the development begin, and when will BWC be completely developed?

The main gate has nearly reached the end of its development, and the society’s development work has started. Also, a group of people has begun bringing the ground and performing some earthworks. The average time it takes for society to evolve is 3-4 years.

Q5. Will the BWC Society deliver energy, water, and gas?

All technological comforts, including gas, electricity, and water, are expected to be provided constantly to BWC Society's residents.

Q6. Does Society have an installment plan?

Yes, the organization offers a 3 and a 4-year simple installment payment plan for the investors' convenience.

Q7. When will plot ownership become commonplace in society?

Plot possession is anticipated to be obtained in three to four years. Due to the early development of the blocks in that phase, the plots in phase 1 of society will be given possession first.

Q8. Is there an opportunity for commercial plots in society?

Yes, there are different-sized plots available in the Society. If you missed it, please go through the payment schedule.

Q9: Does the society offer an Overseas Block to Pakistani who is living abroad?

Yes, society has a designated overseas building created just for Pakistanis living abroad.

Q10: How will BWC become the center of the region's economic expansion?

With all of the many business opportunities available in society, society will become the centre of economic growth. Due to the variety of jobs and employment prospects available in the community and the close vicinity to the CPEC route, Blue World City will develop into a haven for investors.

Q11. Why is The Blue World City labeled a (Pak—China) Friendly city?

For the entirety of the development work of this massive housing project, Blue World City and a Chinese Company have inked an MOU. It is the first society that the Chinese built in Pakistan; as a result, it has special meaning for the citizens of both nations and is referred to as a Pak-China-friendly city.

Q12: Who is the brand ambassador for Blue World City?

Esra Bilgiç has been appointed as the brand ambassador of a Blue World city, the company enthusiastically announced.


For the citizens of Pakistan, The Blue World City is the ideal housing society. The affordability of all modern conveniences in this society is its two key draw.
The prices are still modest since society is still developing. These inexpensive costs won't be accessible after civilization is completely formed in one to two years, at which point the prices could increase. The top-selling features of BWC include an installment payment option, affordability, and opulent facilities.
In order to take advantage of this fantastic chance to contribute to society, 4 Season Real Estate highly advises you to do so.
The 4season investment is your real estate partner and we suggest that this is a good choice to invest in this society. If you want to know more about Capital Smart, Rudn Enlave, Nova City and ICHS Town Customer satisfaction is our top priority, feel free to contact us.