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Capital Smart City

A luxury housing Society will be built by FDHL on the M2 Motorway next to the New Islamabad International Airport, which is on the eastern route of CPEC, in response to the twin cities' growing housing demand. A paradigm for sustainable growth, the Capital Smart City aims to be Pakistan's first Smart city.
Capital Smart City is a collaboration between FDHL and HRL (Habib Rafiq PVT LTD).

About Habib Rafiq

Over the last 15 years, Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd has been a key player in transforming Society's infrastructure and development landscape, and as a result, it is now one of the most trusted and recognized companies on the market.

Developer of Capital Smart City

A partnership between FDHL and HRL (Habib Rafiq PVT LTD) has resulted in Capital Smart City.

Future Development Holdings Ltd.

Leading Pakistani real estate developer and asset management company FDHL promotes the creation of future smart cities that will provide its clients with sumptuous up-scale living as well as financial benefits. The Companies Ordinance of 1984 was used to create the group organization known as FDHL. Several domestic and foreign business entities came together to form this organization. Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL) and China Liaoning International Economic and Technological Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd. (CLIC), two business titans with technological know-how and leadership, have merged to become FDHL.

Possession-able Plots With 2 years of Payment plan

Capital Smart City posasionable plots

Residential Block Updated Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Updated Payment Plan 2023​

Capital Smart City's Overseas Prime 2 Payment Plan

Capital Smart city Overseas Updated payment plan 2023

Regarding Surbana Jurong

Surbana Jurong, a Singapore-based consulting firm, has been selected as the master planner for Capital Smart City. One of Asia's leading urban, industrial, and infrastructure consulting firms, SJ, with its headquarters in Singapore, provides one-stop consultant solutions. "Building Cities, Shaping Lives," the organization's tagline, embodies SJ's dedication to developing areas and infrastructure services where people may live, work, and play. developing urban areas into prosperous locations for businesses and communities.

Master Plan

The Capital Smart City master plan includes new construction that is aimed at complementing the neighborhood's natural characteristics, including Central Boulevard, a network of high-rise structures, and a public transportation system with strategically located stations. The concept behind this plan is that the innovative new site will attract foreign investment while providing an opportunity to live, work, and play. The master plan for Capital Smart City was produced utilizing unified planning methods. To meet the increasing economic, residential, and recreational components of society, the concept offers a distinctive collection of amenities.

Where is Capital Smart City situated?

In the Rawalpindi neighborhood of Islamabad, It is located next to the recently constructed Islamabad International Airport. On the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, 13-14 km east of the M-2 Toll Plaza and close to the Thalian junction is where the project is located. The new Islamabad airport is about five to six minutes away. Some of the surrounding housing developments are Blue World City, Lahore Smart City, and Al Mairaj Housing Scheme.

Location Map of Capital Smart City

Total Area of CSCI

The overall land area of Capital Smart is 55,000 Kanal, which is ten times more than that of its neighboring society, University Town. This housing society is going to be one of the nearest to the brand-new airport in Islamabad. Currently only a flow, the grand design for civilization will eventually be expanded. The project will eventually get more land and many new blocks, among other things. The plan for a land extension was submitted by the authorities in August 2019. The Capital Smart City will have an area of 80,000 kanals in the Future.

Access Points

Through the Main Chakri Road and the ring road, it will soon be conveniently reachable from the M-2 Motorway. The surrounding areas have simple access to civilization due to the M-2 Motorway, a national route. In the future, it will also have a separate entrance from the highway, which is currently being authorized.

Capital Smart City (NOC)

The NOC of Capital Smart City, which won the RDA's permission, is one of the region's approved housing schemes. The NOC is approved of this society.

Features of Society

This Society offers its members a unique, modern style of life with modern conveniences. Through the incorporation of modern technology and innovative features, the housing society will develop into Pakistan's first Smart City. The following is a list of a few of the major traits of this society:

Capital Smart City Facilities

The Capital Smart City has identified the main contributing aspects that have been introduced into society along with some of its characteristics. The idea of this Society attempts to build a smart radial growing pattern while taking into account the vital infrastructure and services integrated in order to optimize effectiveness in its citizens' daily lives.

Elements of Smart City

A Smart City consist of these elements to cultivate a modern Smart City

Long-Term Benefits

A Capital smart city aims to deliver differentiated, long-term growth and benefits to its surroundings. This Society meets all of the requirements for an encouraging Society, including the following benefits:

Job Possibilities

By building the region's first corporate center and attracting global investors to participate in the amazing growth of housing, society will benefit its residents. Furthermore, Capital Smart City would create a variety of job opportunities in the business and industry sectors, therefore boosting Pakistan's economic status.

Living In Comfort and Quality

This Society is designed in such a manner that it creates a vibrant atmosphere in the surrounding, allowing residentials to enjoy an appealing and calm lifestyle while also serving as the hub for business, home, and leisure activities.


Society's purpose is to create an environmentally friendly transportation network that will connect automobiles, pedestrians, cyclists, and other people that demand transportation. Society will put in place innovative, more efficient transportation infrastructure.

Identity & Symbol of Uniqueness

Capital Smart City will become a symbol of uniqueness and cultural heritage. With the development of new structures and the setting up of new religious and cultural centers, society will become a well-known tourism and local attraction.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Society is designed such that protecting natural resources is a top concern and that the surrounding natural regions are not affected. As a result, Capital Smart City develops into a community where its citizens may live in a peaceful, calm environment.

Different Blocks of Capital Smart City

Overseas Block

The capital smart city launched a different block in society. For the very first time, this one has a specially designed overseas block reserved exclusively for Pakistanis residing abroad. Capital Smart City thinks that launching this program would give foreign Pakistanis a secure and profitable investment possibility in Pakistan. Overseas Block soon positioned itself as the center of the Capital Smart City due to its great features.

Overseas Block Ownership and Distribution

To avoid delays in the ownership and distribution of the plot, buyers should keep to the payment plan and fulfill the booking plan payments.

Executive Block

The housing society launched the "Executive Block". The company also offered a summary of the essential features of this new block, as well as a chance for ordinary block clients to temporarily shift their plots into the executive block. The conversion of these plots was only available for a limited time, after which a 30% additional charge was to be paid to the organization for conversion or booking a new plot in this block.

How can you purchase a plot?

The following documents must be submitted to reserve your plot in Capital Smart City.

Overseas Vs General Block

There are several differences between the Overseas and General Block of the society, we are mentioning a few for your better understanding.
The Society decided to begin work on development in the overseas block at first since it is in society's phase one and is given preference. Work on the remaining blocks is expected to begin soon. The following section discusses society's major development state.

Carpet Roads

The development of concrete carpeted roadways has been prioritized in order to facilitate transportation and travel in society, and the 300-foot major Boulevard is almost finished.

Smart City Site Development

Development work at sites 1 and 2 has started, according to the society's most recent development work, and now that the area has been leveled and plotted, society is concentrating on building the infrastructure. Block C of the abroad block is now undergoing excavation, as well as building work on the sector mosque, the shaft structure, curbstones, and saucer drains.

Capital Smart City Overseas 1 Development

The Access Road from Chakari Road to the Project Site is being asphalted. Asphalt construction started six months earlier than expected.

Overseas Block Map

There are many blocks is the map of this housing society.


Q1- What exactly is a Capital Smart City, and how does it differ from other Societies?

Capital Smart City is a modern new home development built with innovative design and infrastructure. It stands out from other housing societies by its high standard of living, modern conveniences, creative facilities, sustainable surroundings, and tactical organization.

Q2- Why is it called Capital Smart City Islamabad while it is managed by the (RDA) Rawalpindi Development Authority?

The Islamabad city design plan is being revised, and this society may be included in the most recent design because it is located on the boundary of the present Islamabad region; therefore, it is known as Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Q3: Is this Islamabad Society Completely legal?

Yes, Capital Smart City is a completely legal and safe community in which to invest. Its NOC has been accepted by RDA, and you may verify it on RDA's official site.

Q4- When will Capital Smart City society development initiatives begin?

The growth and development work in the society has already begun, with the work on Main Boulevard nearly done and the building of the mosque beginning, among other things.

Q5- What different and intelligent facilities would this society provide?

The Capital Smart City will be a self-sustaining housing society with numerous distinctive features, including climate control applications, free internet wireless hotspots transportation planning apps, security cameras, appliances management apps, and much more.

Q6- When will society give plot possession?

Possession of plots in overseas/executive blocks is planned to be given to buyers who have paid all their payments by the beginning of the year.

Q7- Is this society suitable for short or long-term investment?

This is something worth for investment. It is an excellent choice for both long-term and short-term investment plans.

The Findings:

The credibility of the person who owns or develops the property is the most important element in determining whether a housing project succeeds or flops. Given that HRL is one of the most trusted names in Pakistani real estate, it only seems natural that buyers have entire faith in this development. Most of the plots in the neighborhood were once sold and are now being resold for earnings.

4 Season Real Estate is your go-to real estate partner and we suggest that this is a brilliant chance to invest in this society. If you want to know more about Rudn Enlave, Nova City, ICHS Town and Blue world city Customer satisfaction is our top priority, feel free to contact us.